Brand New

It’s time for a change.

2010 was a scary time. WikiLeaks, the earthquake in Haiti, the Vancouver Olympics, Ke$ha. What did I do during that time? Redesign the Pacdude Games logo to be slightly more gradient. Here, here’s a timeline. It’s like watching me and my design sensibilities grow up:


Yikes. I question myself at such a young age. Never again. Anyway, I’ve decided to completely change the logo. I wanted to move away from the old-school Pricedown-set logo, and the red and yellow. I’ve crafted a mark that evokes Pac-Man without actually saying “PacMan.” Depending on how your eyes interpret the symbols, it either says “PAC” or “PDG” for PACdude or PacDudeGames. It’s curvy, it’s flat, it’s fun. I’m happy with it.

The other fun part of the logo is that it’s color-independent. So, if there’s something I feel like celebrating, I’m ready to go:


So, look for the new Pacdude Games logo to pop up wherever Pacdude Games are made or sold!