Getty Images Lets Us Pleb-Ass Bloggers Use Their Pix

Hey, look at that. Getty is giving bloggers an embed code for their images. We’re not ripping off their photos anymore—we’re borrowing them! For free! All we need is a non-non-intrusive banner below every image.

The process is simple: head over to the Getty Images site, do a search for something—say, game show—and look for an image. If you see one that you like, hover your mouse over it. If you see a button that looks like this: 

[button color=”#000″ background=”#CCC” size=”small” src=”#”]< / >[/button]
Then you’re in the clear, and you can embed the image. Like this one:

It’s not every photo—every editorial photo that I’ve managed to find is off the table, and even some of the creative photos aren’t up for grabs. But this is really nice—we bloggers get high quality images, and we don’t have to upload, crop or otherwise jigger images just to make a point, and we get them for free. Win win win.

(And the irony is still that I had to take a picture to get a featured image. Ah, the joys of blogging.)