Game Show Fan Refuses To Un-Wad Panties

I’ve gotten a bit of flack today for an article I wrote called “Top 5 Game Shows to Watch When You’re Stoned.” Clearly, this is a humor piece. I wrote it in a way that suggests that the five game shows I’ve written about were colorful and trippy and that stoners would appreciate them.

One stupid motherfucker who shall remain nameless has decided that no one in the the entire country should ever smoke weed because he doesn’t like it. He has also decided to deride me on his blog. Let’s tear this apart, shall we?

BuzzerBlog has just opened up under new management, that of Cory “Pacdude” Anotado. He was recently seen on GSN’s The Chase, where his team beat The Beast and split $180,000. And it would seem to me he used some of his ITV-provided winnings to buy out BuzzerBlog and demote Alex Davis to senior writer.

So, right off the bat, there’s so much wrong with this statement.

  1. Me, Chris, Bob and Alex relaunched the site together. I personally spend $20 making sure that the domain was transferred over to Pacdude Games, and that $20 came out of my lunch money, not my Chase money.
  2. Alex is Senior Writer because
    1. Alex wants to just write stuff and snark on Facebook and Twitter so we’re letting him do that and
    2. Bob’s vision and passion for BuzzerBlog means he can direct us in a great manner. So great, he’s wrong twice.


Normally, this would not be a bad thing, except for one article. He has compiled a list of the “Top 5 Game Shows To Watch While Stoned”. I quote the disclaimer: “Note: Hey, if it’s not legal where you live, don’t smoke weed. Also, if you’re a kid under 21, don’t smoke weed. Your brain’s still soft and malleable. Wait until you’re older and your best years are behind you. You’ll need the weed to cope.” While this may be considered quite topical considering what is happening in Colorado and in many other places in the country, I think it’s quite inappropriate, and I’m not alone.

Holy shit, son. Like, are you incapable of interpreting humor/sarcasm/tongue-in-cheek-iocity? Fuck you. Clearly, the notion is that being an adult sucks. Which it clearly doesn’t, because you get to smoke weed. If said asshat actually was an adult, maybe he’d know.

Personally, I have had plenty of experience with amphetamines, but only the ones prescribed to me. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I vote Republican. I believe in the right to life (except when the mother is in medical danger) and the sanctity of marriage.

Fucking good for you. People have different viewpoints. If you don’t like what I have to say, good for you, but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean I don’t get to say it. Do you get it? All you said in that last paragraph: I’ve taken medicine before. I’m a wacko. I’m a wacko. I hate women and gays. Fuck off.

It maybe [sic] all right for Cory to support the legalization and use of weed, that’s his business.

Wrong “maybe” there, champ. And you’re reading FAR too into a light-hearted humor article. And you’re right, it’s my business and since I have a platform to share something funny, I’m going to do it.

But there may be kids who are reading this, like I once was at an early age.

I’m sorry, WHAT? Did you just say that at an early age, you were a child? That’s like saying “I was born when I was very little.” Seriously, were you actually high on your prescription amphetamines when you wrote this garbage? Get the fuck out.

The main problem with the situation is that for a large majority of screwed-up individuals, game shows have moved from “this thing that I really enjoy” to “this is the only thing I have going for me in my life and if you subvert it in any way I WILL KNIFE YOU IN AN ALLEYWAY.”

My goal, as a writer for “this thing that I really enjoy” is to open up the idea that game shows are just a genre of TV shows that your mom watches and instead present the notion that game shows are in-depth, interesting, artistic, scientific, and fun. They can be enjoyed any way a person wants to, but at the end of the day, they don’t matter. They’re a supplement to a life fully enjoyed.

A life that the aforementioned cocklocker doesn’t have.