Pacdude Cooks: a Philly Cheesesteak

I cook dinner about twice a week, and I thought I’d start documenting them. My first documenting is a recipe I’ve been eating all my life, albeit from a variety of different take-out places: a traditional Philly Cheeseteak. Serves 2 hungry or 4 regular... read more

People Are Making Music Out Of Weird Stuff

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve watched people make playable records out of some crazy stuff. The creativity of these three people are amazing. First, Amanda Ghassaei‘s got some magic Python voodoo to get 3D-printed records. Sure, the quality’s... read more

Every Client’s Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp-Dressed Blog

Apologies in advance for that terrible, miserable headline. Once again, Pacdude Games has streamlined itself into a clean, mobile, something or other. This website is specially designed so I could get more people to e-mail me and ask me to make them game show... read more

Casey Abell Is Always Wrong

Casey Abell is an actuary from Flower Mound, Texas. His media literacy is very, very low. He wrote this on his website: Over at BuzzerBlog Cory Anotado bitches and bitches about the contestant interviews on the show. Cory seems to think the only thing that happened on... read more

Review: Sports Jeopardy

This was originally posted on BuzzerBlog, that blog I made 10 years ago. Dan Patrick’s ready for the majors, but Sports Jeopardy! is still in Spring Training. Sony-owned Crackle made an interesting move over the summer: air a once-a-week sports-themed version of... read more