Cory Anotado

Cory is a polymath and all-around cool guy based in Baltimore, MD. His knowledge of game shows and love of breakfast sandwiches drives him to do most everything he does.

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Casey Abell Is Always Wrong

Casey Abell is an actuary from Flower Mound, Texas. His media literacy is very, very low. He wrote this on his website: Over at BuzzerBlog Cory Anotado bitches and bitches about the contestant interviews on the show. Cory seems to


Review: Sports Jeopardy

This was originally posted on BuzzerBlog, that blog I made 10 years ago. Dan Patrick’s ready for the majors, but Sports Jeopardy! is still in Spring Training. Sony-owned Crackle made an interesting move over the summer: air a once-a-week sports-themed


Brand New

It’s time for a change. 2010 was a scary time. WikiLeaks, the earthquake in Haiti, the Vancouver Olympics, Ke$ha. What did I do during that time? Redesign the Pacdude Games logo to be slightly more gradient. Here, here’s a timeline.

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